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Wiki NewsEdit

  • New Wiki means a new beginning for all of us, so if you had problems with someone in the past, bury it, and start fresh

What is Chat Survivor?Edit

Chat Survivor is an online game created by Brian Long, that is played through the chat feature on many different wikia pages. It is based off of the reality show Survivor. The first ever Chat Survivor was held in Survivor Wiki's chat feature. The games are faster than any ORG. Usually, the amount of contestants depends on who wants to play and who doesn't. These Chat Survivors are well known by many wikia users. 

Chat Survivor Wiki RulesEdit

  • 1. A season may not be named after a season that has occurred on the actual Survivor show, nor may an existing season's logo be used.
  • 2. A season can only have no less than 6 players.
  • 3. If a season has more than 3 quits, it will be deleted from the wiki.
  • 4. Everyone can host a chat survivor, but only Chat Mods may create pages.
  • 5. Only 2 Chat Survivors may be published per day to prevent over crowding.
  • 6. Raging, bullying, or cursing of any kind due to a Chat Survivor occurence will result in a ban of varying times.
  • 7. Positions will be determined by popular vote. If you want Admin, then you must alert an Admin, so they can post a ballot
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